Tobias Revell

May 2014 I got to meet Tobias Revell when he a speaker in a conversation about future thinking in design at the Milan Design week for Z33. I looked him up and it turned out that he held a very interesting speech at LIFT Conference Geneva, February of this year. A talk about the horror and magic used to explain things. Especially to explain technology and the internet of things. Stunning how he discribes the possible futures that are shown in the development of technology: a PC was a magical life safer and a teddy bear becomes a smart object one can hack. Since we are asked to think about a session for the ‘Internet of Things Barcamp’ coming November this talk was very useful. 

A quote that inspires me; ‘You cannot design for the unimaginable… but be aware that in trying to create magical solutions we unleash the possibility of horror.’ The reason I am sharing this quote is because what I used to make are products. In product design one aspect is really important, go for the most impressive option. But while doing so we, designers, sometimes create something that is getting its own life that might not be how we intended the project.  Have a look at Revells’ website if you’d like to know more.