Happiness – Richard Layard

A whole book about happiness, wellbeing and the cause or lack of the two. This may sound unimportant, but it is highly interesting to find out that happiness has little to do with our financial state. [unless you get a bigger raise than people around you] The external factors interest me. In some cases we, as service designers, should keep them in mind when setting principles for the projects we run. Because the right environment where people feel acknowledged will benefit our society and their workplace.


The book reminded me of Stefan Sagmeisters’ Happy Show, a show about happiness that would also make people happy. Happiness was measured and also stimulated in all kinds of ways. He uses aspects that Richard Layard writes about, a smile makes you feel better and when you move endorfine will give you a good feeling. Oh and not to forget are the people around us, who we have a relationship with, make us happy (or not). 

Layard, R (2011) Happiness lessons from a new science, penguin books