1:54 Contemporary African Art fair 8th October 2016

FORUM Discussions

‘Why design matters’ was the first talk I attended:

Amelie Klein, Hassan Hajjaj, Karo Akpokiere and Azu Nwagbogu spoke about design and its value.

Three highlight statements of this talk:

  • The design as it is is celebrated differently on the African continent. There design has to do with everything that happens in everyday life. (Karo Apokiere)
  • Recycling is a stupid word in design, let’s name it using interesting materials. So it gets the right value. (All three)
  • Design is the glue of our society, it is more than an object: “design matters because it defines how we interact with everything.” (Amelie Klein)

The second talk I went to attracted me because of its title: ‘Antidisciplinarity in architecture’ Curator Aaron Kohn led a conversation with two architects: Kunle Adeyemi and Rashid Ali, and an architect painter Driss Ouadahi.

They pointed out that architecture is no longer just about a building, it is about creating systems where men also focuses on the world issues. They really got me on the edge of my seat when they started discussing the type of team that is needed to keep developing cities, especially fast growing cities in Africa. Kunle explained that he needs to have a team with people from many different fields as he is not trained to be an expert in all sectors. Rashid added that the sad thing nowadays is people placing buildings in Africa that have nothing to do with the context of where they are placed. So local people in a team are necessary because they embrace the regional systems of (African) cities. However, the local Africans don’t see the local architecture as valuable as the architecture coming from Europe or Asia. Therefore it would be essential to have a team where more cultures are coming together to get the development going.

This insight is a nice addition to the essay I am writing. Where I talk about benefits of a cross-cultural team, here they spoke about the benefits of a cross-professional team and the need of locals and non-locals. From a perspective of adding value to the building and the way the society will respond on the building.