The World Café: shaping our futures through conversations that matter – Juanita Brown (2005)

A great way of sharing thoughts and ideas. Let a big group of people talk in much smaller groups. To make sure there will be relevant and interesting outcome there are some things to keep in mind: create the right setting that feels like a cafe, provide doodling materials, asking open and stimulating questions and be a welcoming and thoughtful host.

What I will take from the book is that sometimes you don’t need to provide anything other than a setting where people feel free to talk. I especially liked the Saudi Aramco Oil example where an enormous amount of people from all layers of the company got together and opened up to each other. Leaders who had never spoken with workers got new insights that they might have missed otherwise. It shows what you can trigger when the right setting is offered.

The best summary was given by the book itself in the picture above. Also the book has questions to take into consideration at the end of each chapter, helpful for the moment I’ll host my own world cafe.

Brown, J and Isaacs, D (2005) The World Cafe Book: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations that Matter, Goodreads