Today I got to meet with and listen to Dr. Josephine Ojiambo. For you who do not know her, she worked from being a Kenyan public health servant into becoming Deputy Secretary General of the Commonwealth. Impressive right? That was not all. She shared the story of her life in an authentic and passionate way. It is about being an example for others. But also learning from other people that have been important in her life. 

A few lessons from Dr. Ojiambo: until we address the history of our nations, we are unable to look at the future of that place. We have to name the problems, face them and move on. 

The inclusion in politics and businesses is about the recognition of all the faces from around the globe and it is OK to wear your ethnicity with pride. But when it comes to us women when we feel like men do not address us properly or help us as they should. She said: often you, as a woman, just have to tell them what it is that you need, make yourself seen at a table and make your voice heard. One can make a change when you find a group, represent yourself and go from there. 

I had the chance to sit with her and ask a question that laid heavy on my heart. And instead of saying: this is the solution she said: I believe your intuition knows how to get you where you want to be.