Class from Matt Marsch

What is Human Centered Design? Do you realize that we, the designers of the future, have a say and responsibility in what we will produce in the future? Is there any other types of design? Or is this it? 

We should use ANABC to define whether it is useful or not what we are doing, because in the end, that is what matters. Who is your Audience? What Needs does it meet? What Approach do you use? What Benefits of your approach will meet the audience? What Competition exists? 

Oh and the expression of a brand should meet the experience people have of a brand. Something I wish I could have said in my former job.

I am not sure if it made me a lot wiser or if it gave me many more subjects to think about. What I can tell you is this. Matt triggered all my senses to go out and about and find answers, for this moment, that I can test. He pushed us to ask the stupid and obvious, I will. The picture above was the conclusion of Matt three principles that will get us there expressed in three shapes.

I could relate what he said to things I have read in both Originals and the Lean Start up from Eric Ries. Like Ries he explained the importance of asking ‘why’ 5 times, to get to the bottom of matters. 

Long story short: ask smart questions!