Reed Hastings interview with Twan Huys – College Tour (Dutch public television program) 

Reed Hastings is founder of Netflix, a company he started because video rentals were becoming outdated. He was fascinated by the question he heard often in the video rental stores “I rented this film last week and I loved it, what would you recommend me for this week?” Hastings thought, being a math wizard, there must be an algorithm that can predict what people would like to see based on what they have seen in the past. Hence the reason one cannot stop watching Netflix shows. Binge watching of series and the power of his own shows is not based on what he wants, he works with a team that has a huge variety of background to make sure he avoids bias. Long story short, Hastings understands the magic of ‘hand picked’ service that goes hand in hand with as much diversity as possible. If you’d like to watch the full interview: here, most part is in English.