Springbreak sewing

Springbreak, a break for my mind. A moment of reflection on the past months and a look forward to what lies ahead. Preparing for 7 weeks of storm. One way I give my mind a break is by crafting, making, letting my hands think. As a hobby I sew clothes, 12+ years ago they were not wearable, but I got better. I touch the fabrics, weigh them and test the fluidity. The flat piece is cut to more pieces, and with precision but with enough space to mold, play, test and shape. The slow transformation and many steps give me time to listen to interesting talks, think about process steps in my service design work and even better, they relax my brain. At the end I do have scratches on my skin from the pins, and there is little threads everywhere, except for inside my head. In my head the big clutter of thoughts is rolled up in bolls of yarn of various colors. That is what spring break does.