Creative Conversations: How can creative businesses be ethical & profitable?

1,5 hours is too short for discussing this question. Obviously the answer to the question is yes, one can generate profit in an ethical way. But there was more to think about, it is not just an artists choice to be both ethical and generate some profit, part of the question lies in the hands of companies and government who don’t see the value of true ethics.

The sad thing is that the conversation is held between people who already value ethical entrepreneurship. People who already understand that their impact goes beyond numbers of people clicking on a website. During the discussion I wondered how we can create understanding with corporations, so they see value in a way that is more than a number in the bank. We live in a world where everything ought to be measured, yet for the really important stuff: ‘Social Impact’ we have no up to date measurement system. For years we have been working in paradigms that have not shifted with us to the 21st century. Is it up to us, millennials, to push harder?

‘Young designers should stand for their ethical goals that they wish to pursue in society.’ I would like to take this statement one step further. I strongly believe that we all should question in our society to understand what the real value is that you wish to support. Where do you spend your money? Do you know who made your jeans? Do you know who contributed to the innovative ideas of your company? And as designers, all designers, educate yourself on price, values and communicating both to a potential client. Only than will we be able to pursue our ethical visions for the world. And I know, in ethics we have to choose our battles. We cannot always be green, responsible, the right price, selling at the right place, no carbon footprint, locally produced and serving needs all at once. But, ask yourself, should we not try to strive to serve as many of the ethical issues as possible?