Pretotyping and Minimal Viable Products

Produce! New ideas, keep the ideas for yourself, someone might steel them! So produce in secret and let them buy it!

No, stop.

We should share ideas, the more you share the sooner you know there is no way someone is interested in it, or many people are, and you have to start/stop making it.

There is a step in between the idea and the end-product. The prototype. The test. I love the idea that a test is as simple as faking a phone call to test how to serve someone. I totally see the point of making MVP’s or pretotypes with a piece of paper pasted on your smartphone to test viability. For my current two projects I will use and play with these features. I have found that in both instances my clients are not 100% receptive of these creative approaches. What is kind of nice though is that, partly because I am still a student, I get a playground to test methodologies. The first test will be later this month, another round of tests in June. I can’t wait! Will keep you posted!