The top 1%

356924c8371c6a2d2c859dbb15de9380The top 1% owns 53% of India’s wealth, in China they own 37% and in the UK the top 1% got a lot richer than the rest of the country. People build luxury health centers where people pay from £150,- a month to be a member, or buy £ 15.000,- worth of suits p.a. Not to forget a building emerging next to my college with the price tag of 1 billion, bought by an investor from Hong Kong. I am stunned and happy with the ‘just be normal’ attitude of the Netherlands. We laugh and sigh when people show off their wealth, we tend to share our wealth so we are all better off. Incredibly high bonuses are a reason for investigation and thus less common.

There is something else. These numbers have been flying around for the past weeks and all I wonder is; are they happy? How do you go to bed at night with golden water tabs in your house, just had some caviar and probably wiped your hands once on a towel ready to be washed with liters of water? Many questions, many people fighting for rights, saving the environment, saving to eat and go to school and yet, in the 21st century equality is still huge. Take your responsibility, keep your head held high and look yourself in the eyes, what can YOU do to reduce environmental impact, inequality and economic issues?