With curiosity as my middle name I should start with saying that I become enormously curious as soon as I’m confronted with a commercial, cultural or institutional question or problem. A big smile and a little Dutch straightforwardness help me identifying underlying questions and answers. Problems are addressed, assumptions become realities and design strategies unfold when more information occurs. It all starts with understanding who is in the center of the service we wish to provide. My approaches vary but are always hands-on. I don’t fear guiding others when I see a light and I don’t fear asking questions in darkness. In collaborations I am a team player and a leader when necessary. I value the talents people possess and wish to use these at their fullest potential. I am always keen to learn more and try things out.

My love for learning and discovering is visible in the way I travel: I see the need to submerge myself in the culture I am visiting. Sponging knowledge and habits allow me to combine and exchange approaches and designs. At the end of the day I search for surprises, connections and treasures hidden in the playing fields that I am surrounded with.



Work experience: Interim manager at CitizensUK for the Growth System implementation | September 2017 – now Development intern at CitizensUK working on their Growth System  |  March 2017 – September 2017 Digital platform developer for Digital Greenwich London  |  March 2017 – June 2017 Strategy and brand development for Frank Horn London  |  March 2017 … Continue reading Resume

A bit more

Some facts that define me to start with my love for traveling, or I should say, emerging myself in other cultures. Did you know that between Amsterdam and London is just a 50 minute flight, but so many different cultural aspects in terms of how people behave? Jasmin, the smell, the tea taste, the look … Continue reading A bit more

Nina Abroad

Master of Design in London at Ravensbourne  So close, so different, so big and on a high pace, London is a magnificent city. Learning how to bring messages in all ways possible, next to the straight forward Dutch version of course. This society shows how bureaucracy acts in between all the innovation that is happening … Continue reading Nina Abroad


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