Strategic Puzzling

Finding a strategy for a future pathway that fits with all stakeholders involved is a puzzle I love to work on. When pieces fit together in multiple ways I get even more excited.

I would give you is enthusiasm, questions, challenges, and knowledge that lead to defining where they focus could be. As well as discovering what the next steps are for bringing the corporation/institution/group/start-up to a new level.

Solutions come in a later stage, typically the whole journey starts with exploring what influences make your quest complex. Issues and solutions are not standing on their own, during the research the whole environment in which the service operates is in the back of my mind. I understand that not one asset stands on its own, they are all tied to various departments of the brand. Which leads to expressing a holistic overview of the overall offering towards (future) clients.

The users are our first point of reference, without them giving service does not make sense. But we should never forget that whatever is developed has to fit the identity of the stakeholders inside and around a company.




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