The Key: How Corporations Succeed by Solving the World’s Toughest Problems – Lynda Gratton

This book did something to me. I meant to write about it for some weeks now and I couldn’t as I was not sure how to start and what it really had meant to me. Lynda describes organisations from their core to the far outreach of their network. The Key she is talking about has everything to do with people management. From building inner resilience to making sure the community and your production chain are a part of the network used by the organisation. Not an ordinary approach to innovation. Yes, innovation starts with allowing people to move beyond the boundaries of the office into the field and let people in from the outside. 

Innovation is a term that is almost used too much. Is it about change, new things or are we talking about great inventions. I prefer the definition: the process of doing new or old things in new ways. The reason I like this definition is that it is process driven and it is more than a tangible outcome. When it comes to enhancing innovation at the workfloor I believe strongly in the approach Gratton proposes. I just wonder if all the great examples she gives also have a darker side we do not hear about and if you go out or make your boundaries transparant, what should you have build within the organisation to allow integration? Good food for thought.