Dissertation Completed

Last Monday the day had come, a deadline, handing in the dissertation. Relieved, tired and proud was I when clicking “submit assignment”. On the one hand, I realised that a chapter closed, on the other hand, I had found new topics that I wanted to explore and could not add to this thesis as it was becoming a phd, and that was not necessary this time around. So I scraped so many words and topics that all left is, hopefully, a clear answer to the research question.

My research question: where are elements of innovation in organisations that can be amplified through service design? leading to the thesis with the title: ‘People Amplify Innovation’. In case you wish to get a copy to read through, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Give and Receive

I can give you incredible curiosity that leads to exploring what you are about, I connect dots that appear and show a network of opportunities. With enthusiasm and Dutch straightforwardness I like taking challenges in all types of profit markets. What I’d like to get is the opportunity to use these strengths in Southern Africa, as I see a growing population that is losing their heritage instead of letting their heritage grow into great heights. 

100% Open, Roland Harwood, sharing means growth, let me ask you the same way he did: What can you give, and what would you like to get?