The easiest is to react. The second easiest is to respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate.

Tribes, Seth Godin

Wise lesson

When you change the way you look at things, they will change how they look at you.

Rikardo Stewart

IDEO, teamwork and Tim Brown

First day lecture at Ravensbourne Paul Sternberg introduced a name I had heard before but never looked up: Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO and father of Design Thinking. Over the past months he has come back in my research, in articles I am reading, in the classes I attend and in projects I find interesting. 

One of the articles is IDEO’s Culture of Helping :
Help is embedded in the entire design process, from IDEO’s famous brainstorming sessions, through formal design reviews, to the many forms of support and encouragement for project teams seeking feedback on ideas. In this way IDEO builds essential habits of mind. In fact, Brown told us, when help is not seen as an integral part of the process, “teams will rush through their project and get quite close to the end before they realize ‘Wow, we completely missed something—which we wouldn’t have missed if we had stopped and asked for help.’” 


Let me tell you why I embrace this way of thinking: I am a born Montessori child. Maria Montessori constructed an educational method where most learning is based on fundamental ways for humans to learn through practical play, learning from peers and with freedom to choose what you would like to discover. With my endless curiosity this method fitted like a glove. Helping and learning from the other kids was a blessing, this is how I have learned the most I believe. The way IDEO embraces that in their company sounds like my primary school system but the difference is that the helping is more structured. It surprises me that people have to be encouraged to help each other. I have added some pictures that show the striking similarities between Montessori and IDEO.

Tim Brown, you will hear from me! I will read some more about you, to start with your book! Thank you Paul Sternberg for pushing his name forward.