Hidden Figures – movie

Hidden Figures a movie about three afro-American women at NASA: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. The movie shows what it means and the value of  being first, catching up with innovation and believing in your strength. Three women in 1961 who made a difference, are role models today, but they had to be resilient. They dared to believe in themselves for more than 100% which has brought them to the front.

We can only learn from history, here we learn how trust and empowerment brings the best to the surface. Despite people’s disbelieve in you because you’re ‘unfitting the normal frame’, you will be able to do what you love. Believe in yourself.

Don’t be the blind

Love makes blind. Hatred can grow anywhere. Or nothing is as it seems? 

I am not sure what the real message of the movie is other than that the future we see is not always as it will go. What you see is not the only thing you get, there is many more stories around us. We have to open our eyes and look beyond the first layers that are presented to us. This short movie shows with power how someone can silently develop in an angry creature. Something we don’t always notice because we focus on different aspects. 

I wonder how often designers are tempted to race, scratch the first layers and just leave the rest. While working on a storytelling transmedia project we have to address a wicked problem. Scratching on the problem service did not give any new insights. But while digging we found an underlaying problem that we’re researching at the moment. Thankfully it is not as shocking as this movie shows.