Positive News

Yes, yes, thank you Alexander, finally a sound that shows how else we can talk and think about refugees. A problem, a blessing or an opportunity? Working on a refugee project I come across many different approaches towards this exceptional group. Migrants are of all times. When I look into the history of my country, the Netherlands, I see mostly stories about moving around the globe. Sadly I cannot say we have done amazing things everywhere, but there was growth, development and the creation of opportunities at the heart of most missions. The stories of the past are that of heroes. Now we see these asylum seekers as the saddest, scariest of all. The media plays a huge part in this conversation, so big that even local leaders don’t wish to speak their mind because they might not be voted in the next round. I wish for them to listen to Alexander as well. This man has an extraordinary way to explain the real impact. This is not as negative as it seems. Enjoy!