Live – connection

I worked for a year at oil for live communication where we focussed on creating pleasant places to converse and connect. The perfect conversations and connections happen over food. No wonder the Italians always have meetings over food and good coffee. Chatting with the waiter, asking for recommendations and what are the extras of the day are all part of the restaurant experience. Of course, if you don’t want to be disturbed the waiter/tress is considerate and stays away, are you chatty, so are they.

Now today I took place in ‘Bella Italia’ where we had the choice to order via a tablet. We forgot a side, the drinks, ordered food and actually did not discuss anything with the waiter until he brought our food and offered grated cheese. Which was grated above our plates, that was personal.

Towards the end of our main the tablet lighted up and offered deserts. I actually did not want anything from that moment on, I just want a chat with my waiter, not call him with a machine and order via an interface. Can we please make restaurants chatty places again and use food as the connector between people?


The stare alarm

This Saturday on the jubilee line someone had pulled the alarm because someone else was staring at him. At first I thought people made a joke as the carrier was rather full. But when assistance came in it dawned on me that someone really felt offended because someone looked at him.

I wonder if this is a result of our digital age, the media that scares us of the unknown or the unwillingness of people to connect. In the tube it’s quite hard not to look at anyone. So I felt so sorry for the person who had looked at him. Maybe he had come across an offensive moment that started with a stare. Nonetheless it shouldn’t have to be such a huge issue. Would you pull the alarm on a stare?