Hidden Figures – movie

Hidden Figures a movie about three afro-American women at NASA: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. The movie shows what it means and the value of  being first, catching up with innovation and believing in your strength. Three women in 1961 who made a difference, are role models today, but they had to be resilient. They dared to believe in themselves for more than 100% which has brought them to the front.

We can only learn from history, here we learn how trust and empowerment brings the best to the surface. Despite people’s disbelieve in you because you’re ‘unfitting the normal frame’, you will be able to do what you love. Believe in yourself.

Chrystel Lebas with Edward James Salisbury

Inspiration found in Huis Marseille, a photography museum in Amsterdam. My favorite museum because they are always able to mesmerize, surprise or inspire me with their exhibitions. This time I found a collaboration between photographer Chrystel Lebas and biologist Edward James Salisbury. In the thirties Salisbury had photographed parts of Schotland and England with a special focus on the botanics and the horizon. 2000 of his pictures on glass plates were rediscovered in British museums and a search began to understand where and what was captured. Lebas is a photographer with a special interest in nature and wide pictures. She stepped into the footsteps of the researcher and with 80 years apart she captured the same scenes as Salisbury had once photographed. 

Salisbury, from box 1250-1258, Arrochar 1928, Loch Long from Glen Loin

Lebas, Plate no. 1255, Arrochar 2013, Re-visiting Loch Long from Glen Loin

The collaboration shows documentation, fascination and professionalism. A joy to watch because of the amazing pictures with depth, colours and details that embrace you. I particularly liked this exhibition because it is a 1:1 collaboration between science and art both to inform us and to let us look better. 

Jackson Pollock together with de Kooning, Kline, Rothko and Newman in the Royal Art Academy. An exhibition of the masters of abstract expressionism. I wonder when such a strong movement is standing up again. The paintings are magnificent in real sizes. For the first time I walked through an exhibition with an audio tour. And because making pictures was prohibited I could engage really well with what I saw and heard.