Community Organising – Citizens UK

Friday and Saturday I attended a two day training in community organising from Citizens UK at Kings College in London. Two days where we came together to learn about the power of telling true stories, the victory you can reach when collaborating with people who have the same interest as you and the power of empowering others. Practicing a 1-2-1, in other words, a deep conversation to find common ground and to find out what moves people. Citizens UK is a charity organisation that builds up relational power to change problems into smaller issues that are solvable. 

When this social field is combined with changing organisations, what happens? An organisation has to be interested in the world around them in order be able to respond and reflect on the people. Within organisations it vital to keep an eye on what has to change, who holds you accountable and where does the real pressure come from. The way of finding information and digging into the flesh of problems I will definitely take with me. How to organise change is something I will test in the near future. Only than I will know when it is applicable and if it fits me.