Pitch With the growth of the Internet of Things we faced ethic questions. We were asked to pitch a workshop session about the IoT with a design perspective. Together with 3 colleagues I developed a session: Jane 2040. Jane wears wearable devices that control her life, she doesn’t have to think anymore. All her data is being processed into actions. Such as medicine arriving when necessary, dates only a perfect match and her house knows how to set the right environment for her. We asked our participants the following: if you were a company, what would you develop to make as much advantage of the data you can get from the wearable technology? What will give you the biggest profit?

This seems rather simple, but there is an ethical side to this question. It is already being developed. The technologists are so happy about it, but as a designer I wonder how far we could go.

Three ideas were proposed:

  1. Tracking the employees constantly, if they would feel bad they would get a notification to stay home. Reflective meetings would be based on the wearable technology.
  2. Running training outdoors where you can get the perfect coaching based on your data.
  3. A chip implant that would make you feel more chilly than you already feel and then advertises summer holidays. It could also stimulate you in thinking you need to get things that you don’t really need.

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